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The Power of Deliciousness

A large part of my work is working with companies promoting their delicious and yummy resumes of food and drink. Some of the key skills I've had to learn and develop has been to focus on, magnify, and accentuate the deliciousness of the subject matter.

A few things I like to take into consideration when making content to boost a menu's best qualities are:

  • Understanding the "vibe", story, and personality behind your business model. This largely dictates who your target audience is- a relaxed upscale bar inner-city's target audience is likely to be 25-45years of age and likely live or work within or near the city. The story behind your bar- whether it be themed or a wine bar will further dictate what your audience looks for and is interested in.

  • How to target your audience effectively based on their interests. Not only is it important to understand your brand, it's equally as important for us to understand who your target audience is and what they like and respond to. If you're a cocktail bar who specialises in craft cocktails, then showcasing the interesting ingredients and different cocktail styles is likely to appeal to your audience more than if you post wine, beer, or traditional cocktails. Your content should send a message which describes to your audience who you are and what you can offer them over someone else.

  • Honing in on what makes each dish or drink stand out. Do you focus on colour in your menu? Or are the ingredients your standout feature? This all becomes very important when I shoot your menu and really enhance those focuses. Perfecting the colours, setting, lighting and framing means that I can effectively tell the subject's story and really put on display what makes your dish or drink stand out in the crowd. This is where my skill to really put the deliciousness on show becomes important.

When all of these features are nailed, it results in your content having positive results within your target audience. With content I've created for my clients, I've been able to boost their social media presence, and really put their menus on display, and in the forefront of their audience's mind.

Below I've included some screenshots of my work posted on 5 Sawyer's facebook page.

The power of deliciousness can really help push a company into the limelight and boost their brand.

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