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Why We Love What We Do

By Nigel

It's incredible turning hobbies into a profession! It's even more incredible when you enjoy the profession even more!

I love what photography, film and motion design has brought me; I've been able to experience many adventures, including travelling to Mt. Everest base camp to film the first paraplegic, Scott Doolan, to reach the camp with minimal assistance. I've captured beautiful moments in beautiful settings. I love the stories photography and film constantly bring me.

I also love what it brings to you.

We bring your vision to life. We get to highlight your story. We get to show off your incredible imagination. We bring to your business your 'image'.

The feeling I get when I nail a project, the excitement, passion and elation. That is the reason I love what I do. It's so awesome receiving messages from happy clients, it really makes you love what you do.

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